Juice approached us with a very exciting brief for a ground-breaking and innovative product: The Kimtech™ Prizm™ multi-layered neoprene nitrile gloves, by Kimberly-Clark Professional. We were very honoured to produce a campaign for a multinational personal care corporation.

The client provided a strong storyboard which was the foundation for kickstarting the development process. Timings, story, pace, and animation were all weaved into the storyboard to give a great scope on the direction of the project.

The Kimtech brand character was a key aspect to consider throughout the project. Therefore, the design needed to deliver insight-driven and scientifically proven facts to support decision making. Sincerity and encouragement were highlighted in subtle forms using their brand colours and natural expressions from the live-action sequence.


Client: Juice

Year: 2020

Role: Concept, Storyboard, 3D Modelling, Texturing, Lighting, Rendering, Rigging, Animation, Live-Action Compositing, Grading, Motion Graphics, Sound Design, Editing




BOOM Challenges

Capturing the movement and animation of the robotic arm proved to be a challenge as it needed to behave in a realistic and robotic fashion but also display the essence of human personality. Balancing these two elements whilst performing the desired movements were certainly difficult. Nonetheless, through a series of test animations and attentive tweaks, the final movements truly captured both the personality and movement beautifully.

Due to the pandemic risk and restrictions, it truly made the production process a challenge especially for the live-shoot aspect of the pipeline. At one stage, stock footage was an option, but it was clear that shooting a model in the ideal setting with correct lighting and style was the best choice. This, however, came with a host of hurdles to overcome. From strict health and safety measures to working with distance limitations and lockdown restrictions. Fortunately, the entire shoot was a success, and the final live sequences encapsulated the design brief, style, and atmosphere perfectly.

Overall, this was a rewarding project full of challenges especially during the height of the pandemic, but it was certainly exhilarating to find fast and effective solutions to producing a high-quality sequence.