Whether you believe in evolution or the big bang theory, BOOM CGI Studio happily fits both.

We exploded onto the scene in 2015 and have since rapidly innovated and evolved. We’re now proud to hold a reputation for creating powerful work, across a range of disciplines.

Our passion means we’re always future facing as we seek to inspire with pre-production, character design, CGI illustration, animation and post production across the entertainment, advertising and medical industries.

Show us your idea and we’ll run with it. Together. Our team of expert artists – each with unique skills and bold imaginations – love nothing more than taking our client’s idea from concept through to completion.

Whatever your project, our combined experience of over 50 years means we have expertise across all types of platforms, approaches and budgets.

Just like you, we’re only as good as our last piece of work, so be assured that when you work with us we’ll ensure we create one helluva blaze of glory.


Concept design

We bring your ideas to life; creating storyboards, characters and innovative concepts.

3D Modelling

If you can imagine, BOOM can transform it into 3D life. The possibilities are endless.

3D Texturing

We can make 3D creative that’s real, surreal or hyper real. The only limit is your imagination.


Animation transforms your communications, from cartoons to photo-real rendering, to help bring your brand and message to life.


Our award winning 3D rendering produces the highest quality still and moving characters and environments ready for print and broadcast.

Matte Painting

Our matte painting techniques create real or surreal environments to enhance your existing creative work.


Our visual effects can combine live action and animated elements to create new worlds, limited only by your imagination.

Post Production

We offer creative post-production services ranging from editing and compositing to creative retouching for CGI, animation and photography.

Creative Retouching

We can blend photographic imagery, real footage and computer-generated elements to develop creative images and animation so fully integrate that no one will know where real stops and computer generated starts.

Retouching and Manipulation

From general retouching to manipulating an image, BOOM can provide you with print-ready imagery.

Photographic Retouching

We can take your photos from still life for products, automotive to fashion and enhance your stylised shots to create high-end campaigns.

Sound Design

Sound design can enhance all of your projects with innovative sound design, audio effects and sound mixing designed to enhance all of your creative output.


We can cut your project, tightening and transforming your footage to ensure that it is looking its best and working most effectively across TVC’s, social content and even GIFS and Cinemagraphs.


Our team of talented artists will colour correct your footage and imagery, an important part of the post-production process.