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CGI Illustration, Animation, Post-Production,VFX and Creative Content BOOM CGI Studio London.

Good ideas don’t knock meekly. They explode into life. That’s what we love doing. Working with you to ensure your ideas make a big impact in the world. Be it CGI Illustration, animation, post-production, VFX or creative content, our team of unique artists are passionate about turning those technical words into emotive content. A modern-day craft we’ve mastered and applied to a host of brands, working closely alongside the most talented teams and advertising agencies in world. Because we have a little motto, and it goes like this: Good ideas aren’t born quietly they go BOOM!


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Whether you’re interested in character design, modelling, creating a digital and photo-real environment…or you’re not quite sure yet, just tell us what you need and we’ll suggest high quality solutions.

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